How to take Daygold CBG tincture

At Daygold, we set out to be unique by way of our physician-formulated terpene and cannabinoid blends. Our CBG tinctures have quality you can smell and taste, with complex aromas and flavors. To help you get the most out of your Daygold experience, we suggest the following guidelines for how to take Daygold CBG tinctures. 

Smell and taste the difference of Daygold CBG tinctures

  • As you open the bottle, bring the Daygold up to your nose and take a deep breath. Savor the sophisticated aroma.
  • Take a few more breaths, inhaling deeply through your nose, and think—or feel—about what you need or want from the CBG. Do you need help focusing? Relaxing? Sleeping? More ease in your body or mind? Ask your body or nervous system what it needs. Stay with this sensory exploration for up to two minutes if you like.
  • Once you’ve identified your needs, set an intention around them. Frame it in positive, active language. For example, rather than saying to yourself “I don’t want to be stressed out” try “I am becoming relaxed and calm” or “I will have restorative sleep this evening”.
  • Place the CBG oil under your tongue and hold it there for up to a minute, while you repeat your intention, inviting it into every nerve ending and cell of your body. Continue breathing through your nose to better “taste” the essential oils and plant compounds; the aroma of the terpenes will change once your taste buds get involved in perceiving them.
  • You can swirl the oils around in your mouth for a moment or just swallow when you’re ready. Stay present as you feel the subtle aftertaste of the terpenes.

Give yourself a moment of gratitude for receiving this gift of presence and the restorative benefits of these plant blends. 

Daygold plant blends can help us be more present in our lives, thanks to the unique aromatic terpene blends we use. Each terpene is selected for its unique essential properties and blended in a way that enhances the overall benefit in each blend (see our blog post about the entourage effect). While there are some overlapping terpenes that appear in every formula, each blend is special—and intentional. 

From the moment you first open a bottle of Daygold CBG tincture, you can smell the difference. A complex bouquet of aromas arise for immediate effect as you breathe them in—even before you get the CBG, CBN, and other compounds in your body.

While Daygold CBG tinctures can help foster a greater sense of presence and grounding throughout your day, we also believe that intentionally approaching how you take the oils may amplify or tine-tune the benefits you wish to receive. 

Of course, you could just take a few drops and then go on about your business, but we recommend taking a more conscious approach as you create a self-care practice that is centered around being mindful and present.

We’ve created a handy Self-Care Journal to help you fine-tune your Daygold experience and help you keep track of all the ways in which you’re attending to your wellbeing. No purchase is necessary. You can download your copy, here.

Either our trial kit or as a 30mL size that will offer support and relief for weeks to come, Daygold CBG tinctures would be a special gift for anyone on your list – including yourself.