Relax without intoxication

Have you heard of Dry January or the term “sober curious”? Millions of Americans are reevaluating their alcohol consumption habits and many start the year abstaining from drinking for the month of January. But how do you relax without intoxication?

Recently, one of our customers asked what we would recommend in lieu of an evening glass of wine. Daygold’s co-founder Liz FitzGerald responds:

Here’s what I do to keep stress at bay throughout the day, without alcohol…

For starters, I don’t wait until the end of the workday to address my stress. I do a myriad of things throughout the day to help me manage the ups and downs of life. That way, by the time I shut down my computer, I am eager to begin the evening but I don’t feel desperate for a drastic mood change.

Mind you, I still enjoy an occasional IPA with a Beyond Burger, or a classic margarita on a summer night with friends, but I have found other ways to manage my stress that feel more supportive to my system.

My morning ritual is fundamental as it sets the tone for the rest of the day and really serves me well. In another blog post, I’ll outline in detail my morning rituals but they include exercising (a must-do, every day), getting some fresh air, drinking tea, eating a healthy breakfast, and taking time to be in the moment.

If I am particularly stressed or feeling anxious, I will take a dose of Calm Mind in the morning and/or the early afternoon. When I take my dose, I connect deeply with the texture, flavor, and aroma of this thoughtfully designed formula. It’s these moments of connection that you can weave throughout your day that help us all to have perspective and to get out of a pattern of ruminating.

As stressful things pop up throughout the day, I try to acknowledge the feelings I’m having in my body as a reaction to the stress. I notice the thoughts in my mind. These little check-ins offer opportunities for us to take care of ourselves in the moment.

Maybe it’s time for a quick stretch, a good time to walk the dog or pet the cat, or just to simply take a deep breath. 

One of my favorite exercises, that always calms me down, is to place one hand on my heart and the other on my belly. I find it very comforting and a quick way to send the signal to my mind and body to relax.

When we check in with ourselves throughout the day and take time to administer to our needs in simple ways, we may find that we feel pretty good at the end of the day and don’t need something to “take the edge off” as there is no edge.

Once I close my computer and head into the kitchen, I like to pour kombucha into a pretty glass. I will sip on this as I cook dinner, often while listening to a podcast or music. The color, the flavor (I know, kombucha it isn’t for everyone), the bubbles—they all are very satisfying for me and feel like a terrific substitute for an alcoholic beverage.

There are so many options out there for making mocktails from super complex offerings to simply using carbonated water with a splash of juice—find something that feels like a treat to you. Something that you think is delicious and that doesn’t feel “less than” the drink you normally would have.

As you get closer to bedtime, that’s when Restful Night can be of extra support too. While alcohol may help people fall asleep, our bodies don’t get restorative sleep under the influence. Restful Night’s gentle formula won’t knock you out, leaving you groggy or hungover the next day.

The combination of CBG, well-known cannabinoids and botanical terpenes chosen for their effects on calming the body and mind, makes Calm Mind a great way to start the day and Restful Night the perfect night cap. Any one of these tinctures helps to relax without intoxication.

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