Terpene effects: linalool

You may have heard about the benefits of terpenes and their role in the entourage effect. Linalool is a terpene found both in cannabis and other plant sources. But what are the effects of linalool and why did Dr. Russo include it in Daygold’s Calm Mind, Easy Relief and Restful Night formulas?

Based on decades of research, Dr. Russo chose specific botanical terpenes to address many common discomforts people are experiencing in their minds and bodies. Through a series of blog posts, we highlight a few of the many terpenes used in each Daygold blend including where they are found in nature and their benefits. Read all the articles in our Terpene Effects series, explaining the reason why our CBG oil tinctures are so power-packed with beneficial compounds. 

photo illustration of terpene linalool with text

What is linalool?

Linalool—often expressed as D-Linalool—is a plant compound offering a distinct floral aroma with spicy undertones. It can be found in cannabis plants as well as in common herbs like lavender and mint, and in woody herbaceous plants like laurel, rosewood, and ho wood. 

Linalool is without a doubt one of the most popular terpenes used in aromatherapy products. The popularity of lavender in many personal care and wellness products is no accident. Anecdotally, lavender and linalool have been used for generations to bring about a calming effect. It is commonly found in cosmetics, lotions and body oils, deodorants, and cleaning products. 

What does linalool do?

When taken with cannabinoids, linalool mixes with CBG and other well-known compounds to modify and fine-tune the effects. Linalool acts synergistically with CBG to create feelings of calm and ease in body and mind.

Cannabinoids and terpenes blend in the human body to modify one another’s effects. In essence, they create an overall different or greater efficacy based on the same molecules present and the ratios in which they appear.


Dr. Ethan Russo—board certified neurologist and plant researcher and Daygold’s formulator—cited linalool with the following benefits in his landmark paper on the entourage effect:

  • anti-anxiety properties
  • mildly sedating
  • helps heal skin burns without scarring
  • pain-relieving properties
  • anticonvulsant and anti-seizure
  • helpful in treating addiction

More research is needed into these powerful compounds for their potentially profound medical benefits.

Subtle effects, sustainably

All three of our CBG plant blends—Calm Mind, Easy Relief, and Restful Night—feature linalool for its ability to provide a soothing, peaceful effect. They are mixed with several other terpenes to bring out the effects of the CBG cannabinoids present in each, maximizing the entourage effect. 

We chose to source our linalool from the ho tree—a large evergreen tree, closely related to rosewood. Rosewood is currently an endangered species of tree; ho wood provides the same benefit as rosewood, but from a much more renewable source. The terpenes are steam-distilled from the bark, wood, and leaves of the ho tree in order to preserve the beneficial qualities of the oils. 

The linalool in Daygold’s CBG oil blends is certified non-GMO, food grade, natural and organic for the ultimate in quality, taste and purity.

Most of the information in these articles comes from Dr Ethan Russo’s 2011 paper published in the British Journal of Pharmacology and subsequently featured in the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. You can read the entire report, here

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.